A new innovative matka game welcomes you all!!
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A new innovative matka game welcomes you all!!

The “Satta Matka” is a popular online lottery game in India, and is being played by many people in different nooks and corners of the globe. The game was first introduced to India in the year 1950, by the British Government. Over the period, this game has undergone several transformations and technical advancements; to be available on an online platform today. Out of the various available forms and formats of online available games, Madhur Matka has turned out to be the most acknowledged. It is a game of choice, based on the random selection of numbers and betting.

Background and history
The establishment of Matka Gambling was in the year 1950, while gamblers started betting on both the opening as well as closing rates of cotton; released by the New York Cotton Exchange and conveyed to Bombay Cotton Exchange. When textile mills were in a boom in Mumbai, many mill workers had the habit of playing Satta-Matka; resulted in an entire industry. Although this practice was halted in the year 1961, betters who were still very fond of it; initiated it with a piece of paper.

How is it played?
The game starts with the piece of paper, mentioning digits on the same from 0 to 9; and is then placed inside the earthen pot named “Matka”. A representative will then pick a paper one by one and will declare winning numbers. Over the period, the procedure is tremendous. In today’s virtual world the same game is being played online; where a set of three numbers is drawn from a pack of cards.

How to calculate numbers?
The game was initially being controlled by Ratan Khatri, who was later declared a “Matka King”; and was continued to be a king, until his death by the year 2020. Now the person who is winning a bulk amount of money after gambling will be declared as a new Matka King. When it comes to the calculation of a number, one can apply a simple trick to test his luck. This can further be explained as, the person has to choose three random numbers, the sum of which will be considered as a winning number. Thus, if a person has chosen three random numbers as 2, 3, 6 then the sum of all of them is 11; and if both the digits are added then it is counted as 2. Hence, 2 is the winning number for you.

The Satta Matka lottery is popularly played online, with little or no transformation in the previous game, as far as rules and regulation per se. Instead of a person physically picking up a piece of paper, winning numbers are randomly displayed online. Those, who are interested and want to try their luck through this popular game; / can try any of the available websites to analyze their luck. However, it is very important to be careful as multiple sites are running currently without any safety and security concerns, which can have an issue of data forging. Ultimately, it has to be remembered that a game can be played through decent as well as expert channel partners.

What are the different types of Matka Gambling games available?
Out of many forms of gambling available Kalyan Matka and Worli, Marka are the most famous types of Satta-Matka games.

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